Sam Yau 你熟悉吗?他想用自己的经历为移民发声!

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在基督城3·15恐怖袭击发生后,Sam Yau被鼓励以独立候选人身份参加10月12日的新西兰地方选举,竞选市议员。Yau是坎特伯雷马来西亚协会主席。“我来自马来西亚,是一个伊斯兰国家。我不希望这些事情发生在新西兰,这是一个和平的国家。”他对《新西兰信报》说。
2019年3月15日,基督城两座清真寺发生大规模枪击事件。3名马来西亚穆斯林在此次恐袭中受伤,1人死亡。他说:“基督城不仅是一座美丽的花园城市,也是一座非常平和的城市。” 他的马来西亚背景,可以帮助他在一个多民族多文化的环境中,更好地为社区服务。
Sam Yau 1985年从马来西亚来到新西兰,那里的法律制度和政府结构与新西兰相似。新西兰和马来西亚都是英联邦成员国。他说,可以通过正确的渠道为当地社区发声。这位地产开发商兼房产经纪人,正在竞选基督城西南部哈尔斯韦尔区(Halswell)的市议员。他走访了当地数千户家庭,听听他们的关切,比如社区安全,娱乐设施匮乏,以及高中的缺乏等等。
视频:Sam Yau推荐《精彩》,新西兰最具深度及影响力、最为专业的中英双语杂志Yau希望看到基督城成为以体育赛事为主的旅游中心,这样可以带来更多的就业机会。“世界上没有几座城市在背靠海湾和群山的情况下,仍然有大片平坦的土地可供开发。基督城有潜力成为新西兰最好的体育旅游城市。”Yau一家都住在基督城。他的妻子是一位音乐教师,儿子是一位听力矫正专家。
Sam Yau: A voice for migrant communities
By Li Huizi
Council Candidate Sam Yau was encouraged to run as an independent in the October 12 local body elections after the March 15 mass shootings at two Christchurch mosques.
“I’m from Malaysia which is an Islamic Country. I don’t like to see these things happened in New Zealand, which is a peaceful country,”Yau, who is President of Canterbury Malaysian Association, told NZ Messenger. One Malaysian Muslim was killed and three were injured in the most serious terrorist attack in New Zealand history.
“Christchurch is not only a beautiful garden city, but a very peaceful city as well,” he said, adding that his Malaysian background, which is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country, will help him to serve the community well.
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Yau came to New Zealand in 1985 from Malaysia where the legal system and government structures are similar to New Zealand. Both New Zealand and Malaysia are the members of the Commonwealth of Nations. He said he could speak out for the local community through the proper channel.
The property developer and real estate agent is running for the Halswell ward in southwest Christchurch. He has visited thousands of local households and listened to the issues that are important to residents in the Halswell ward such as suburbs’ security, lack of recreation facilities and lack of high schools there.
Having moved to Christchurch 35 years ago and graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Yau said he sees Christchurch is a city of opportunity from many perspectives such as from investment, tourism, education and sports points of view, and would like to see Christchurch becomes a Sports Tourism Centre so that more jobs could be created.
“There are not many cities around the world that so close to both the sea and the mountain and yet still have vast area of flat land available for potential development. Christchurch has the potential to become the best Sports Tourism City in New Zealand,”Yau said.
He and his wife, a music teacher, and their son, an audiologist, are all living in Christchurch.
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